What Women Look For In A Man Before Falling For Him

Have you ever wondered why should a woman fall for a man? What traits should they have to attract a woman toward them? Probably, you do not get the absolute cognitive idea about this phenomenon of the world. Sometimes, you think you possess all the best attributes from the both of the best worlds, which are enough to woo a girl. But, things go upside down when you see your desired lady go away with another man holding his hands. And there, it hammers your conscience with a heavy blow to wake you up from your misconception about yourself. Yes, the way men hold some good thoughts about a woman of their desire, girls too do not stay behind when it comes to choosing their coveted man in their lives. And if you are someone, who is desperate to look out for a woman of your dreams, you must get tricks and ideas to know the things to attract a lady to you.
Things Women Look For In A Man
Alike men, women too have their own sexual preferences. And the large block entails to their physical appearances.
This apart, there are other essential attributes of men, which set them apart from the ordinary guys, and make women fall for them. Let’s have a look at them to bring about a definite change in you.
Presentation is everything, which speaks volume for you without making any exchange of words in the real world. Yes, this is true. And you never know when you bump into the woman of your interest. It is a simple tip though; most men never seem to follow this.
When you look attractive with a nice pair of trousers and suit, and smell good, it spells a magic on every woman. Every woman wants to date a man who is handsome and well groomed. So, when you give value to your appearance and upgrade it, women for sure would die to fall for.
Fickle mindedness is never expected by women. They love men with great depth of thoughtfulness. However, it should not be as crazy although, like you take away your girl far to a distant location within only a few dates. Many women may like this type of thoughtful behavior; it does not always make any sense. Rather, you act like a much caring person.
It makes you look sexy when you become considerate. Show your carefulness and thoughtfulness by being very attentive to every minute detail shared during the exchange of words with her. Take her to a movie, if she mentions she loves the new one. Bring her flowers, if she mentions she like that particular flower.
Women do crave for the charming personality in men. But, most men lack this trait. It is not always easy to find a man with swagger, charisma, and spunky. Just drop your vanilla type inhibitions, and improve your personality.
Women love a charming man, and when you really brush yourself, you are just too irresistible.
Just like men, women too love mystery. They are the secrets that keep attracting women towards men. Women think men keep too many secrets under the wraps from the world. And hence, this secrecy takes them closer to the men. They are intrigued by the idea to unravel the secrets to know about the men. Women really want to let you speak everything about you to her rather than anyone else. So, when you try to conceal more from her, she is more eager to come closer to you. She is more interested to discover about you, when you try to cover yourself.
It is the most repetitive word when talking about the men’s quality. But, it is one of the best attributes of men, which women cannot overlook while searching for a real man. With the high level of confidence, it is possible to make your lady go weak in her knees. It is really exciting and nice, when they know you are unapologetic about yourself and your desire. They always desire a man, who holds a great courage to walk towards her and propose to her, rather than the boy, who doesn’t even look into the eyes of the girl in nervousness.
Spontaneous Attitude
Spontaneity brings surprises in life which is always cherishable. When you go ahead in the relationship, things look all nice and full of excitement. But, after your happier days roll into the radius of lot of responsibilities, you get to lose all the dynamism in love. However, as long as you are spontaneous and unpredictable, women tend to be attracted to this feature of a man. And with spontaneity and unpredictability, comes lots of fun, unplanned adventures and excitement, which life always crave for. So, when the least things happen without expecting this, it breaks all the boundaries of joy.  
A Good Physical Appearance
When you drape yourself into an uber cool attire, you cannot look sexy and handsome, until you build those toned and curved muscles around your biceps, and deltoids on your shoulders. With workout and strength training, you look brute and radiant. And women really fall for these guys. Keep in mind, your appearance means a lot to women.
Want to really impress a girl? It is indeed important to have a great sense of humor. If you possess this special trait, it takes no much time for girls to understand this. An ability to make someone laugh always sends a healthy signal for your side. So, when you make your girl laugh, it wins you the half the battle. Always crack funny jokes without making any insensitive pricks, have it in your own way. Always try to be perfect and use humor if the moment and situation allows.
Master Of Conversation
Having a good sense of humor is not enough to woo a girl. Talking gracefully with a woman is considered one of the great attributes of men. And girls too, like a master of conversation, who does not fall short of pleasant words, and end the conversation abruptly. Always keep your voice low, and display your genuine interest in her. And she is all yours.
You may find other tricks to woo a woman, but these few tricks are quite effective to win your battle.