What to Say to a Girl You Like While Talking to Her

Lot of guys struggle starting up a conversation with the girl they like. They fumble  for words when they come across a girl on what to say and how to start over the conversation. They either end up saying nothing or saying the wrong thing. Every man should learn on how to talk to a girl, it’s a social skill. If you are too shy to approach and talk to a girl or have trouble speaking to him, take few tips or read some of them which will prove to be helpful for you when you plan your next date.

If you are talking to her for the first time, you need to keep certain points in mind to make it a success:

Stay prepared:  Girls always get impressed on the way you carry yourself.  It is good to control your behavior and stay hygienic. Wear deodorant.  Dress up to your best. Wear clean clothes. Be kind and forgiving with others to avoid getting into troubles. 

Catch your opportunity: Whenever you get a good opportunity to speak to your girl alone, don’t miss it instead make your approach though other people are around.  Try catching her attention, call her name and give a smile showing your happiness seeing her.  Go near to her as soon as she acknowledges you.

Keep eye contact: Try to catch up her gaze while you start your conversation. Don’t just stare at her instead have a small glance until her eye meets yours and when it happens give a slight smile and look away for a second. This will be the right move to let her know that even you are nervous and she will also get the hint that you like her.

Start with a compliment: Girls love compliments. Paying a right compliment gives clear indication of your intentions and she will easily understand that you are interested in being more than just her friend. Pick something you already know that she will like hearing and which is of her interest. Use it in a manner to ask her some questions about it and carry on the talk.

Talk the talk: If you don’t know the girl you like, introduce yourself and tell her how you know her. Once you win this round of battle, think on your feet and stay connected to move the conversation for a while. Ask question which are relating to both of you, about people and places. Create gentle humor while offering your opinions and try to respond lightly while she is answering.

Keep the conversation going with questions: Women love more to talk about themselves and if you ask the right set of questions, you hardly have to talk. The only thing you have to do is to listen to her. Ask her questions like: 

  • Ask her questions relating to her job. This way you will know where she is working and what are her passions and ambitions.
  • Ask her about her hobbies and interests?
  • Ask her about her passion?
  • Ask her, which are her favorite places to visit and add on that you will be happy to take her to that place if she can come with you.
  • Ask her whether she likes to go to clubs/pubs and if she is willing to join you?

    Tell her about yourself:  Tell her about the recent event which happened in your life of the personal interest. Keep it general enough for her to follow without having special knowledge. Keep the conversation interesting and alive. Don’t make it too much of your own interest.

    Make her laugh: Without sounding cheesy, give a shot for a joke she’ll appreciate. This should be just to show her that you have good sense of humor. Make it in such a way that it is related to your current situation as it turns out to be more meaningful. It will sound very inappropriate to crack dirty jokes and will give her a wrong impression. Good humor proves to be really attractive. So, if it comes genuinely go ahead to crack, or else leave it.

    Ask for her number:  Before winding up the conversation, ask for her number to get in touch with her again. If she is really interested in taking things forward with you, she will not deny sharing the number with you. However, asking her contact details outright sometimes might be not an appropriate step but if you feel that she is easy with you can either ask to be your face book friend or ask for her email address.

    Close the conversation early: Leave her with a smile telling her that you will soon call her. This will leave her wanting more and if everything goes well you will be soon look for a get-together or a first date.

    More Tips:
    When approaching a girl, it is important to note that every little thing counts. Before speaking to her come to her side, don’t approach from back, it will look like a stalker. Be direct, be honest. If you find the girl you are interested is in group, don’t feel afraid to talk to her in the group. She will like this kind of approach and then you can isolate her from the group to have your one-on-one talk.

    You may feel awkward first but it is good to go for it. At the end of the day, it is highly important to be realistic.  Girls always fall for a person who can talk about things naturally. So, when you talk about any subject, be confident and explain why you are interested in it which will make the conversation good going. It is also highly important to be best on your behavior too. Show your kindness towards others and while you are with your girl avoid being into troublesome situations which will spoil your impression at the first instance only. Always stay positive in your approach and avoid serious and sad topics while being with her.