Ways To Get Your Girl To Give You Head

Are you are disappointed by your ladies not allowing a blowjob? To get more head, you can use the 16 ways and see the difference! Men really enjoy getting blowjobs and they expect all girls to allow for the same. They really enjoy it and love it. They crave it. They need it for a happy sexual life.

When it comes to giving head, it is so hard for men and women to come to terms and find common ground? It is something that the male gender wants desperately wants, but happens to be so unpleasant or downright appalling for the female gender to provide? What is the way for women to agree to allow giving you more head? There are wide reasons that are leading to the lack of interest in women in this area.

Some women find it really humiliating to do a blowjob, some others are worried that they're not any good in this business and hence they will remain embarrassed themselves. Some even without any reasons don't like giving their head without any prejudice. Women are the problem here, there are dozens of possible explanations exist that they raise; the reasons all focus on women because obviously, they are the ones that originate the problem, right?

But if you have a closer look, men are equally to blame for the unsatisfactory experience or complete lack of fellatio in the relationship

16 ways to get more head and more blowjobs!
#1 Talk to her. You need to have a close talk to your woman regarding the issue. This is something similar to aerobatics and all our hats are off to you if you pull it off. You should have a very friendly talk, non-threatening and non-accusing way so that you can assure her that whatever she has to say will be met with understanding and respect. 
#2 Hair. The hair in the bottom area is very nauseating to most women. Some like a man bush; others find the thought of hair on their tongue and sticking between their teeth revolting. You've to be sure about your lady's preferences. 

#3 Keeping it clean. Proper hygiene and cleanliness for your bottom parts could be an issue. Being hidden to the public, there are chances that these parts remain the dirtiest parts of the body. 

Shower and a bath are recommended together. She needs to be convinced on this issue once if done, there is potential for high fun and really exciting foreplay for both of you. 

#4 Some ladies love dirty talk, if your woman enjoys it, there will be a really exciting time. It makes a ton of difference depending on the category.

You may have to polish the words that you use in case if she is embarrassed. You have to take action pay attention to change the vocabulary if needed. Clean words are required to be used by switching from the dirty to cleaner lines. She should feel happy to feel her tongue down there or to kiss your member and lock her lips, or talk about how good it feels when her hands caress you down there. 

Dirty talk is really important making your woman all horny and cooperative for good sex, you have to encourage her really well to be a pro in dirty talk! 

#5 Welcome her with a new start welcoming her mouth with a standing ovation which will convey to her the good message how sexy and desired she is.

There are so many women who are not sure about their guys whom they can make hard all by themselves and still more women who can bring their men to the ejaculation stage.  

#6 You can have humble beginnings. In case if your woman is already prepared to give you a blowjob right off the bat, get it and also include classic foreplay including oral sex in your foreplay. Sucking you off is not exactly the only way, for you to orgasm eliminates a lot of the pressure and this makes her feel much more confident and totally in control

#7 The law of giving and receiving. In the bed, you should not be too selfish. You have to really think from her point of view also.  Think long and hard about this question and come out with an answer, also see how you have to adapt to your way of operation so that she is comfortably included in the circuit.

It is very much possible that you simply don't deserve the crà¨me de la crà¨me? There is very good chance that you don't bother with her orgasm and don't spend enough time down on her either. Might be you are making her do all the hard work and the benefits are taken by you singly or yourself alone. 

#8 Position 69, let her take control, in intercourse let her stay on top. This gives her more confidence and makes her happy so as to cooperate with you more in the foreplay or a blowjob.

#9 Don't just lay there but don't force her either. If your penis is limp, you can't expect her to suck you as if sucking a lump of wood, which will definitely be more boring and unrewarding.

You would need to thrust it into your mouth as if making a puree out of your brain, which is definitely not a dream come true either. 

#10 You can try different types of lubricants including squirty cream, edible lubricants, tasty toppings, body paint, or even ice cream to give a good feeling. 

Compared to blowjobs, she can use a vibrator or dildo on herself while playing with you. With this, she can feel good with an orgasm at the same time.

#11 Try role-playing. Role-playing can do wonders for your sex life. You can practice it and find the change that it gives tremendously to your sex life. 

#12 Help her improve. Try to give her suggestions the way she can improve the sex life to both of you. Practical tips are what is required for the moment and not long speeches which could make her bored and averse. 

#13 In or out? Some women cannot stand him ejaculating into the mouth. In this case, avoid this happening, don't come in her mouth. Don't try to sneak one in. She will never forgive you if it happened knowingly or unknowingly.

You utilize your self-control so that you can give sufficient warning time so as it take the penis out of the mouth well in time and possibly finish the job with a few hand movements.

With her permission, you can get her favourite spots to ejaculate – like her breasts, belly, face if she'll allow it. Be sure it is an agreed spot.

#14 Ewww, gross! There could be a huge turn off for the semen which could result in bad tasting cum. H-U-G-E! Even if the woman allows you to come in her mouth, you have to make it sure that your sperm does not convert her mouth to something like a septic pit.

Things giving a bad taste are those like too much protein – meat and dairy, alcohol, coffee, broccoli, nuts and seeds, greasy and deep-fried foods, beans, onion, garlic, cigarettes and the absolute champion – asparagus.

The fastest way is pineapple – lots and lots of pineapple and pineapple juice. Also, drink a lot of water, eat melons, apples, celery, cinnamon and fresh fruit, all these can change the taste for better. 

#15 The embarrassment has to be covered. By chance you lose your erection when she's giving you a blow, take action and change the plan completely so that you don't lose the chance. 

There are chances that you can't get an erection. Believe us when we say this, she is in charge and hence it will be worse for her. 

#16 You should never hesitate to say "thank you," seriously! After having a good time, little gratitude goes a long way. This will make her repeat such good deeds if she knows she's appreciated for it.

In no way she should be taken for granted, there is no need to be magnanimous or meek, it doesn't even have to be verbal, you just need to show her.

These 16 tips will make your girlfriend or wife give you more head, on your way to a happier, with both of you more satisfied! Now off you go, to your new and fab life full of sexual pleasures!