Unbelievably Cute Things You Can Say to Your Crush

Forget all the pickup lines you have been hearing for so long. Why not try saying something which sounds legitimate and sincere. Yes, you can use something which is full of passion and cute as well.

When you want to impress your crush, you can just say everything which may work to make him/her fall for you. Since she doesn’t know you much; you can portray any image you want. One panacea to solve all your “heart miseries” is to be as much vocal about your feelings as possible. You can do it so sweetly and in a memorable way that, she will remember it forever. All you really need is perfect timing and flawlessness. After this comes fluent delivery of your dialogues. Here is a thing, expressing yourself can really be a problem because you will feel quite nervous on the first go. Even thoughts of telling your crush that you like her can make you super-conscious. Also, there comes a risk of not getting a healthy reciprocation. We all face such problems, especially for people, who are not meant for us.

Just when you know that you will surely not get anywhere if you do not express your true feelings to them, it becomes imperative to try. Why not jump into the pond and see if you can catch the fish rather than just thinking and daydreaming? Anyway, you will have nothing to lose but will get a stable thinking after this. Shouldn’t we assume that pride is just a state of mind? At least, you will feel much better knowing the truth rather than just living in a guessing mode. Always wondering may leave you bewildered.

Things to Say to Your Crush
You can always express yourself in ways more than you think and feel. You can adorn your feelings into a handmade gift, a poem, a heart-melting song etc. To make things sail smoothly for you, we have collected some adorable lines to say to your crush. These lines should be much like in a light-hearted way and should not scare her that, you have some very intense feelings.

When you want to express everything, you have in your heart for them…:

Take a deep sigh of breath and initiate it with a small talk. Let the conversation take a natural course until you are ready to say one of the below lines:

#1 Why do you never fail to look so amazing every day?

#2 How’d you get so expert at making me love you?

#3 Do you have even the slightest idea, how adorable are you?

#4 I can’t help noticing you. It just keeps on happening.

#5 I’m drawn towards you. Always! I just am.

#6 Do you realize that I like you? Tell me, why wouldn’t I?

#7 What is it with you? So much of awesomeness!

#8 I think you are quite cute and hot. But, I guess I like you for more than that.

#9 You are super attractive. I can prove it.

Bring up appreciating those little things which they do…

There is no other way to make them feel fallen for you then saying it point blank. So, you have the crush on this person, so definitely, you can find something to like about her/him. The point is to let them know, after noticing them from very close. Make them notice things which made you fall for them.

#11. Stop! No, wait! – Just keep smiling.

#12. Wow! You are just wow!

#13. We are all unique, you know! But, I think you just raised the bar!

#14. Keep mumming! I love hearing that!

#15. I think more people should appreciate that you are just awesome at whatever you do.

#16. You just made my day! You daze!

#17. Thanks a lot for being soo… you!

#18. Often, I ask this to myself. Do I deserve being this much closer to you? 

When you finally start dating…

Now, when your crush really knows that how you feel about them, it is actually the time to take things forward. Here, comes the next step to ask her out! Below are some sly yet cute lines to make her agree in no time:

#19. Dating?  I think this is something which we should try together.

#20. I think we should do this even more often. Like every day!

#21. What is it, that makes it so hard to leave you and walk aside?

#22. Can I ask for a favor? Can you help me take you out for a date?

#23.I think it would be really nice to go out with someone as composite and complete as you. Don’t you agree?

#24. So, what would you really like eating on our first date?

#25. Help me think of a place so special to take you on the date where you’re going to say Yes!

#26. Will you go out with me? Wait; can you repeat what I just said? Sure, I’d love to.

When you want your relationship to take a stride further!

After you both know each other so better, it’s better you both consider what’s ahead of this? So, both of you want kind of the same thing but can’t bring up the subject? Start with these care-wrapped lines.

#27. I am really not sure if I can take not being with you anymore!

#28. I like the way it is going. Don’t you think we should just keep going?

#29. Just stay here! I like you here.

#30. I find it really hard to believe that we are not together anymore. 

#31. So much can be done or happen in a moment. Let’s make you and I happen right this moment.

#32. I want someone, who actually get me. Often, you get me so right!

#33. I was waiting for the right person to walk in. I guess I’m done here. You are here!

#34. Let’s make it happen for a very long time. Until you are done with or when I kick the bucket.

Of course, it’s the actions and thoughts that count. But, to express them in the shortest duration possible, you need impactful and playful words. After that, everything just falls into place.