Things Guys Like in a Girl Beside Her Appearance

What do you think, what does a boy look for in a girl rather than those pretty looks? Physical attraction depends highly on the appearances. Look comes first when you fall in love for the first time. However, the appearance is not everything when a guy looks for a girl. There are much more beyond this. Let us explore those important traits of a woman that a guy always looks for.

Nothing is as attractive as the personality. So, a guy always notices for it when he  looks at a girl first. There are so many attributes to identify an outstanding personality of a girl. What he sees in a girl is how she interacts with others, how she holds herself, how she expresses her emotions, and how she acts while greeting others.  
What matters most in a relationship is how they look to each other. Are they are great or they make great couples? When it comes to finding the true inner self of a girl, a guy always looks to explore what the best entities does the girl possess? A guy always wants to discover about a girl like what she likes, what is her dream, how realistic is she about her dreams and careers. And these are all the important attributes that describe a woman, and men want to get engaged in.

Sense of Humor   
The key traits of desirable men include those usual phrases like “tall, dark and handsome”. In addition to this, some women always prefer to explore the funny side to their men too. And there is no exception for the guys too. They want their girls to have a great sense of humor

Possessing that funny bone is worth winning the hearts of so many guys. So, when you meet your girl at the couple dates, or meet her for the first time, you can ask her questions regarding how she sees funny things.  Who is her favorite comedians, anything funny which happened to her recently and any humorous videos she watched on the Youtube. And believe it, this series of questionnaire is a great way to bond over with the girl at the first meet. So, you can be in your comfort zone without feeling uneasy about the situation, when you get to break the ice. Not only is it interesting, but it is too funny and memorable, when you get to know that the guy has appreciated your traits and expresses his desires to meet you again.

So, who do you want to date? Of course, who is secure about himself and possess a great volume of knowledge about the world affairs? But, what is about a guy? What types of girl does he crave for to date? The same feeling works for the guy too. They also aspire for the girls who are smart and know a lot about this world.

No matter how pretty you are looking at the first date for him, if you cannot play great to make the conversation go, it is going to be a downer for you. You can never turn out to be his true life partner, but remain to be his arm candy only. So, win the whole thing with your smart talks in a cooperative effort. Never ever get into angry confrontations and ego clashes as they put negative impact on you.

Self –Esteem
Self belief is the utmost thing to be unique to the world. First and foremost, always try to love yourself for what you are and give respect to yourself for being the person you are today. These are important traits to determine your best personality in front of the world. So, concentrate to only the best intuitions in you and your quality. Never let yourself down when you are with guys to create an impression to him. So, never ever try to change yourself unless you think you need to change yourself for the betterment.

The expression says a lot about you. So, be expressive when you are on a date with your guy. This is equally important when you talk to your guy. Don’t just look blank and meaningless when he talks to you. Respond to his gestures by making eye contact, and giving a soft smile. All expressions of your response hold key to attracting his attention and win his heart.

Feminism is the key trait of any girl to establish herself as a woman of great principles and ethics. This is such a great attribute every guy really craves for. Get out of the old beliefs of many that feminism is for weaker sections of women, and it does not entail anything sexy. Bury the hatchet and be supreme and feminine to control everything in your own hand.

It is also an important attribute for any girl. Yes, it is true, when you are lively and cheerful; the world bows down at your feet. Guys are always looking for those girls who are playful and lively. Contrary to it, dull and gloomy kind of girl never comes to the list of the guys. So, laugh a lot, crack funny jokes and forget not to smite the guy you like.

Your confidence tells the whole world the worthiness of yourself. And it determines the amount of control you have in your life too. It is better to show your inner mental strength and the robustness you have in you to impress the guy. It is quite unpleasant and insulting when you give in to the guy’s desires and accept anything just to please him. So, let your confidence express everything for you.  

Never ever try to be a clingy girlfriend. This is what a guy does not like about a girl. As the rule of the evolution, men are stronger to lend their hands to take care of their women. So, when a guy feels that you really need him, he falls in love with you in no time.
Standing on your feet is equally important for you to show your capability to the man you are eyeing. It is fine to ask for help when he is around. But, when you lead your own life, it is important to show that you do have the ability to take your own responsibility. And as a result, you will see him come closer to you and be with you always.
There are more beyond physical attractiveness. So, when you really want to make a guy fall in love with you, you must try to develop these traits. These are way too good to mesmerize him in just a first glance.