Things all Girls With Wide Hips Know

Every woman wants to possess that extra curviness of their hips, as they say a lot about a woman’s physical appearance and sexual attributes. So, if you have wide hips that sway with your moves to embrace your body, it gives a whole lot of meaning to your life. Simultaneously, it is interesting to discover, if the phrase “your hips don’t lie” is worth wining your beliefs or not.

Lately, curviness adds a great sense of supreme happiness about one’s own luscious appearance, while attracting other’s attention with mesmerizing moves. It brings praise from all the quarters when you look super glam with a new outfit or silhouette. It has its own elegance that is desired by every woman.
It really makes sense to feel proud possessing those curved hips, but, who does not have this, never mind. You should learn to embrace your body the way it was made. But for those who have great hips with wavy patterns, must know what does it really mean to have wide hips?
So, when your hips don’t lie, it’s time to discover anything hips.

Facts About The Hips Width
Hips width gives a certain indication about the sexual behavior of women. Yes, this is how it is confirmed by a study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. As per this study, woman’s hip width says a lot about the functions and characteristics of her sexuality. So, a lot depends on how the hip is structured.  As per the researchers at U.K. from the University of Leeds, the definition of hips is mentioned as the distance created by the area between the upper body and the bones of the lower body of the pelvis. In addition to this, the waist-to-hip ratio of the women was regarded as one of the key parameters for the female attractiveness.
In the recent times, curviness has gained an extreme popularity because of the lobbyism from the fashion world like those of fashion bloggers and famous celebrities like Kim Kardashian. 

However, the desire to possess a wider hip has always been an existing trait for many. The old and royal paintings portraying the goddesses too had voluptuous bodies with wide hips. So, it is a proof that it has been an age old attribute, which significantly stands for women’s fertility and attraction.

The research so far has highlighted several sexual accounts about women. They included the exact age of virginity loss, emotional sexual bondage, number of sexual partners. Furthermore, it is discovered that hip width makes a direct connection with the increasing numbers of one-night stand acts, and also other sexual entities.  

Relation between Hip Width and Sexual Activities
The hip width determines the sexual relationship with sexual partners each year, total number of one-night stands on an average and the percentage of sexual partners involved in one-night stand. Whereas, the waist-to-hip ratio does not have anything in common with the sexual behavioral approach as is with the hip width, the latter is an important key factor in determining the most frequent amount of partners for the one-night stand activities. So, the wider the hip is, the more frequent one - night stand sexual activity is. And as a result, women with wider hips are more likely to engage in one-night stand for sexual pleasure as opposed to women, who engage in such as an activity only in the context of relationship.

Facts Other Than Sexual Histories

Reproduction Strength
Yes, it is true that women with wider hips make for good baby producing machines. Hence, it signifies one’s fertility strength. But, that does not mean, you got to produce as many babies as you can. As per the biological attributes, wider hips make women more genetically fertile as compared to those with normal width of hip size. All this happens due to the hormonal secretions. So, if you are woman with a wider hip, you are able to give birth to children.

Glee to the Partner’s Parents
Having a wide hip has a plus side of its own. You will have a good relationship with your guy’s parents, as they know, you are fertile enough to produce babies for that wide hips. It brings a great joy to them when they get to realize the blissful moments with their grandchildren. Though, it is a whole lot of different things, if you want babies or not.

The Integrity Between The Hips And Thighs
Wide hips mean wide thighs. And this is inevitable as per the women’s morphology. There is nothing to worry about this. Instead, try to be happy with the physical appearance you have with wider hips and thighs. There is nothing to feel about this as they are properly proportionate. If they are not balanced properly, your movement may be distracted. However, you have to shell extra bucks for a new pair of pants every month as the wider hips make holes in the crotch of the pants.

Not Every Fashion Meant For You
The potato sack like physical appearance makes the industry top models look good as they are straight down their shoulders. So, almost every fashion trend looks just awesome on them effortlessly. However, those wider hips of women create a hurdle for them from trying anything on them. And they have to trail a lot before buying any new fashion trend in the industry. You have to think twice about what suits you better? You cannot go for low-waist jeans or short skirts. And you know why? So, curviness does not always prefer us to live our dream.

Jeans is a Strict No-no
Women with wide hips cannot have the flexibility to sport jeans of their choices. No matter, how many pairs do you try, nothing is going to fit your hip properly and giving you that contentment you are actually looking for. The better option that works for you is to get them tailor-made, as they fit your waist, but does not cling onto your hip properly. So, there are other outfits for you like, skirts, and of course leggings.

The Best Clothing Option for You
So, which dresses make for the best outfit for your wide hip? Of course, the pair of high-waisted dresses looks perfect on the curvy hip, making your curves pop properly. Don’t sport those pairs of dresses that looks overly baggy. Cling onto the tight clothes with the waistline to make your curves properly accentuated.
Well, at the end of the day, you get to know men really crave for women with curvy hips. It feels sensual and sexy with wide hips, and also it makes you feel voluptuous. So, you win this department and have great sexual experiences with your partners as compared to the non-curvy women. So, don’t get upset for the negative sides, instead, embrace your body and try to love about being what you are.