Tease and Denial Games to Drive Him Wild

Is your sex life all about stripping down, getting it on and getting off without any variety? Tease and denial games, makes you feel powerful and leaving him begging for more (or vice versa) thereby increasing sexual tension. After teasing him into a frenzy, discover the hottest ways to deny orgasm!

7 Tease and denial games to lead to better orgasms through tease and denial games
Do teasing and denial games sound silly? Maybe you don't understand them. There's something great about getting what you want right now, but there's something to be said for teasing. For starters, it builds sexual tension. You'll be unable to think about anything else until you can finally orgasm when your man teases you into a frenzy but doesn't allow or help you to orgasm.

Sexual tension is one reason why having sex with someone for the first time feels so good, especially if you've had to wait for a while. You've got the opportunity to create a sexual recipe so hot that he'll melt at your fingertips from the implements you can add to the activities that work well with teasing.


How to tease your man
We're not going to give you a play-by-play on how to tease your man. To try teasing and denying your man (or have him tease you), we'll give you the summary if you're in a hurry. 

Dress up sexily. Show him what he's missing, but don't let him touch. Take it one step further and strip back down in front of him (not sure how? Read our advice). Slow and sexy does it best. Work a lap dance into the process, and he'll be out of his head!

Snap a photo to send it while you're both at work. Better yet, instigate a little phone sex on his lunch break, send a scintillating text message or leave a sultry voice message.

If you forget panties when you're on your way to dinner, or you can let a nip slip when you hop out of the shower, flash him "accidentally." This is easy to do Masturbate in front of him. You deny him the option of him wanting to touch, but that's where!

Rest your hand dangerously close to his crotch as you cuddle or even lean over him so that your breasts touch him. Accidentally brush up your breasts against him as you walk by, he'll notice, believe us!

Start a quick makeout or oral sex session — but don't finish. 

Items that you can use effectively for teasing and denial for either partner.

Blindfolds are perfect for increasing anticipation. If you've never used a blindfold before, we recommend using it the first time during typical sex to get used to it. Blindfolds really add to the experience even if It might not seem like a big idea.

The vibrator is one of the best available options to tease someone. And if your man is the one who is teasing and denying you, he can get you incredibly excited and close to orgasm with your favourite toy, only to stop before you fall over that edge.

A remote-controlled vibrator comes to teasing someone until they're on the brink of orgasm.t.

Chastity devices might seem a little (or a lot) old-fashioned, but they certainly lend themselves to tease and denial games! Ladies can choose from modern chastity belts while Cock cages are used on guys which look more like dildo harnesses than the traditional designs.

Orgasm denial and BDSM
If you think that teasing and denial work well with BDSM, then you're correct! Power exchange is a common element of BDSM and teasing games. When you don't let your man orgasm, you're the one with all the power.

Or maybe you like to submit in the bedroom. Then it's your man with the power to grant or deny orgasm.

Psst, you'll want to take safety into consideration whenever you tie anyone up or hurt them erotically. Learn more about BDSM safety.

And the denial
Not allowing your partner or yourself to come in its purest form, orgasm denial is just that.

However, some people do attempt for ruined orgasms. A ruined orgasm is when your orgasm is physically ruined. For men, it can mean stimulating until he's nearly to the point of return, then stopping all stimulation. He may still orgasm, but it's not the same.

To see that his orgasm won't be intense, you could pinch the head of his penis.

Tease and denial games

The following orgasm denial games are perfect for drawing out the teasing and meting out appropriate punishment. Some are kind and allow your man to work for his orgasm while others are just the opposite. 

1. Coin flip
Will the luck of the flip be with you? A simple coin toss allows you to determine whether your partner (or yourself) gets off! If luck isn't with you, a night full of teasing leads to denial. With some luck, you can finish with an orgasm.

2. Taskmaster
You can assign a task for those who would rather not rely on luck to determine whether an orgasm is permissible. A popular version requires giving your partner 10 pennies, one for each finger. Do naughty things like performing oral sex after holding the pennies against his body while standing up. In case if he drops them, the chance for his orgasm is denied, for the time being.

But for those who can complete the task satisfactorily? 

You can easily adjust this task. Here are a few alternatives.

Without pause or stumbling, reading aloud from a book Reciting a poem, recipe, prime numbers or the alphabet.

Holding something breakable

Counting spankings, thrusts, etc

Making eye contact while one/both of you jerks off.

Feel free to get creative here. 

When your partner succeeds in the ordeal, he is rewarded by getting off. In case if he fails nothing happens! Punishment could be added as per your choice.

Discover how to dominate your man.

3. Red light, green light
The classic children's game works well for tease and denial. One of you gets to control the lights. When green, stimulation can happen. When red, it must stop.

Your partner can orgasm only during the display of green light; if it is red light, he's in trouble! And if he can't get off at all during the game, it'll have to wait until next time.

4. Getting you off first
This game rewards your partner only if he gets you off. Select how you want to get off (select between fingers, toy, thrusting, oral, etc.) then let him at it. If he can provide you with an orgasm within a specified timeframe, he gets to get off, too. And if he totally fails? No orgasm. No chance. And none for him tomorrow, either!

5. Time’s up
Grab a timer or, more likely, set one on your phone. Let your man know that he can come if he can do it before the timer runs down! 

6. Stroking games
TV and movie-based drinking games are closely followed by all of us.  You take a shot When a character a particular actor says a catchphrase. Now, replace those shots with sexual activities such as manual or oral stimulation, but there's a catch. The act has a time limit that you set, whether it's a specific time or simply when the movie/show ends.

We like a naughtier version of this where you watch porn. Instead of waiting for specific cues, you simply mimic what's happening on the screen. But you can't get carried away because you need to switch up every time they do (and you know that's often!). If you can't orgasm when the actor(s) do, then you're out of luck.

7. Scrabble tiles
one bag of scrabble tiles. All night long. Here are the rules.

Every time he gets you off, he gets a Scrabble tile. He can finally achieve orgasm when he can spell a word worth 20 points. But if he's unable to spell anything or doesn't realize when he can make a word (no helping him!), he's denied after all that tease.

You can start over every day if you're especially devious. Or he can collect his tiles over a period of time if you're not multi-orgasmic or the two of you don't have a lot of time, and you want to make it a bit easier on him. This means he might have to wait some time until he's able to come!