Sexy and Dirty Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

Talking dirty to your boyfriend is a powerful and seductive form of sex play in the bedroom and it is a kind of expression which is more effective. Sexy talks are essential and are one of the naughtiest things in a sexual relationship. This dirty and naughty talk is a great form of pushing all the boundaries and limitations in between you and your sweetheart. It altogether will be a lot of fun adding spice to sex life. 

Dirty talk is nothing both but a sex play which involves sensual phrasing to drive your partner wild with words and imaginations to achieve intimate pleasures during and before sex. Dirty talks become the medium to stimulate your boyfriend’s senses, sound, and touch. This is also an art of expressing your wants and desires to heat up the moment. 
There are two types of dirty talks - soft core and hard core. The soft-core dirty talk is a great way to start as it includes not so dirty words. To start with it, better use the words which you know will work out well and gradually you can move to the more naughty words. It is not necessary that dirty talks have to be vulgar all the times. It should be comfortable and should sound seductive enough to arouse you and your partner. Sometimes simple statements also show incredible reactions.

  • “I want you badly”
  • “Your commands are my wishes”
  • “I love your sexiness”
However, you can move further for hard-core dirty talk involving swear and slang words. This stimulates the ambiance and makes its extremely hot but these talks should be a secret enjoyed by you both behind closed doors. It may involve swear words and slang words. Lovers find it extremely surprising and hot if you use them, especially when you don’t usually swear. If you prefer to use some of the most vulgar words and phrases that are known to man, then do it, be it as long you are comfortable with it and keep it between both of you. Talking dirty should be always a secret with your sweetheart to be enjoyed behind closed doors.
Sometimes, it is difficult to have dirty talks directly wherein texting plays vital role. Those characters at your fingertips become the powerful tool to heighten the intimacy and heat up the sexual energy and bring more closeness.

Sexting examples to send to your boyfriend make him turn on:

  • I'm listening to a song and thinking about you! I am wanting you here right now to make my fantasies, a  reality 
  • Want to confession something…. Thinking about you makes me helpless unless I touch myself
  • Want to ask you something…. Did you ever get a wet dream about me? 
  • I wish to know if you are as good as you are in my fantasies
Not many of them are aware that describing what is happening during sex make you sound more sexy and dirty. Let your partner know how wonderful your body feels, tell him your dirty fantasies, talk to him what you are planning to do and what you wish your lover to do. Talking about his body and your favorite body part acts an ego booster.

Dirty talks with your boyfriend while seeing into his eyes increases pleasure to experience and at the same time passing compliments in a creative way stimulates more fire at the moment. 

  • “You are looking so sexy when you do that”
  • “Aww…You taste sooo good”
  • “Oh, you make me feel so good! Do it again!”
It is not necessary to use words and phrases for expressions. Voices, moans, sounds, screaming and screaming is also part of dirty talks. Commanding your partner, being uncertain and harsh and sometimes submissive also adds on exotic feel.

Whatever you do or talk should be natural and comfortable. Say what comes to mind at the right moment otherwise, it will sound funny leading to laughter and giggles. This laughter and giggles can also lead to most dirty talks. You can use phrase like “Don’t talk dirty, play dirty with me”

Dirty talk doesn’t mean that it is disrespect but just a sex play to have more fun. If your girl is a “bitch” on the bed, that doesn’t mean she would like to be called so in public. So it is necessary to communicate with your partner about the boundaries of dirty talks to enjoy it in a respectful manner.

Let me help you with some examples of dirty, sexy, naughty notes which you can use on your partner:

  • Good morning!  Just thought you should know that I'm not wearing a bra today.
  • Tonight kiss me there…let us do all the work and take it so slow and you will scream.
  • Ride on me… fucks me hard!
  • Just thinking about you and I was undressed completely.
  • Tell me everything you naughty…. What you do when you masturbate….. How you satisfy your urge
  • Fuck me all night! 
  • Have me as your dessert treat….. You will enjoy this new flavor
  • I want you. I want to make love to you. I want to enjoy sex with you. I want to fuck you.
  • You look such a stud in that fitted black button down….. Such a sexy look.
  • I just saw a James Bond movie and was thinking about how sexier you would be?

Telling a man about his sexiness really turns him on and boosts confidence and testosterone levels.  Nothing arouses him than knowing that woman is aroused by him. Men are great visual creatures when you describe what you are doing, and where you are. This drives him crazy. You can drive him with your dirty talks as much as you arouse him with your dirty actions. All it matters is how you say it.

So, next time when you’re in bed with your boyfriend or on phone with him, use dirty lines to arouse him. Go natural which will make you also feel comfortable.