Relationship Stages All Couples Go Through

All those ups and downs in a relationship, can it blossom into something positive, or maybe into the beginning of a new relationship? There are many shades to a relationship. And every couple- no matter how long are they into a relationship, see a several level of phases of their relationship. According to the Kübler-Ross Model- grief comprises five phases like denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. And when it comes to relationship, it entails to this stage as well. But did you know grief reverberate intimacy? And as a result, we get to see different consequences of the whole thing- like the gains and the loss. Maybe, this could be the reason; most couples go apart after several years of togetherness, while the other survives a lifetime of togetherness.

There are no typical couples, though; everyone must go through the intimacy level, and not to mention the other stages of a relationship. Let’s discover in which relationship you are going through?

The sudden “O-My –God, I just found my love” kind of a spontaneous outburst is indeed the first stage of love. In this phase of love life, you are driven crazy by his/her aura. 

And you are so infatuated, you can’t have a sound sleep at night, you can’t eat, or you cannot focus on your work. You can think nothing but his/her, and brain has just stopped working chased by their crashing thoughts. Everything seems meaningless to you, and you just love to check their emails, facebook and emails all the time.   

So, there you are in the infatuation stage. You become so irresistible, you cannot prevent yourself from dousing off your sexual cravings again and again. Blame it all to the dopamine that influences your brains so hard, and the orgasm is as similar as the effects of the heroine on the brain. You are haunted by this adrenaline rush until you are exhausted.

The span of the stage lasts from 1 to six months. All the weird mental conditions will calm down once the hormones become ineffective, and you are much more composed and balanced.

When you are through this stage, you discover your creative side with lots of poetry, and songs. And at last, you found your significant other.

The State Of Illusion
This is the stage, where you give your thinking a brush up about your decisions. You now think over and over again to comprehend if the person you have chosen is right for you.

You find that his jokes are no longer funny to you. Or she went away with someone else leaving you behind.

So, the veil of the infatuation slowly fades its reactions on you, and you feel a little relieved. You seem to be more normal in your daily activities. Suddenly, you would realize that the person you fell for would disappear to nowhere. And it does not feel that bad. Your single status is much more pleasurable.
The Stage of Confusions
As you go ahead in your relationship, times come when you prioritize those to-do-lists of life. So, before you could know each other properly, your concentration shifts to the charge of responsibilities relative to laundry, washing, and so on. As a result, confusions arise between your relations. And things begin taking its drastic turns.

For you, nothing seems like the way you met your significant other on your first date. A primal panic leaves you with fear that the person is not worthy of your love and affection. A shadow of disappointment falls over you when he/she fails to meet all your expectations. So, when you find he/she is no longer that person, you feel like punishing them. However, the other person does everything to make thing better before you get to know it. And as a result, you refuse to stay in the relationship, and go away somewhere else to find solace.    

The Stage Of Mutuality  
Coming to this stage, it makes sense to re-connect to your partner. You realize that he/she is a human too, so the thought of your partner is inactive to accomplish all your demands suddenly becomes less important.
It is only after you realize that how much you love him/her, and hence forget everything to accept their debilities and humanity. You no longer accuse him/her for those mistakes, and your relationship sees new advances.

A good night sex or resolution of problems together all paves the way for resurfacing or reconnect.  

The Sexual Exploration
In this particular stage, sex takes a different turn. You can see a sudden change in sex interests; maybe you no longer find any zing in this blissful adrenaline rush.
There are chances that you draw a line of comparison between your relationship and others. And it is uncertain, if you could save your relationship at this stage.

The Love Stage
This is the stage you would realize how lucky you are to have him/her in your life. You thank yourself for finding the right partner. The sex becomes quite steamier and raunchier than ever before. So does your love for each other.

Everything in life goes smoothly for you. You go out, make friends, and move forward with your happy relationship with your partner. The rest with other stages of your life rotates as its own course. And with times, every life lesson makes your relationship stronger than before. And finally, your relationship receives an identity, when you choose to be together forever.  

The survival from the disillusion is quite hard. Most relationships face a serious breakup at this stage. However, nature sometimes forces us to go apart. On the other end, this provides us with an opportunity to rediscover the more realistic sides to the world.

When you are in a relationship, these stages would definitely come to your way. And if you have just fallen in love, you need to use all the best tricks to save your relationship from ruining. And if you survive the cruelty of the disillusioned stage, you are more armored to build a healthy life and relationship.