Reasons Why Should You Date A Petite Girl

Does height matter for guys? No, in many cases, guys do not have reticence about height. Girls do have strong preferences about height though, and those vertical orientations of the guys matter in a bigger way. However, guys do not bother to date a shorter girl; it gives them an additional bonus as well. If you run out of the way of a petite woman, thinking they are not a perfect match for you, here goes why you must date a shorter girl.

The list of petite girls in the Hollywood is endless. You got to see Scarlet Johansson, 
Salma Hayek, Kourtney Kardashian and others, who keep your nerve tickling with their ravishing appearances. It is not because of their attires, but their more cute looks and sexiness. So, it is worth dating a petite girl if you still don’t have one.

You Look Taller
If you have an average size, and you date a petite girl, you get a bonus as you don’t look that shorter next to your girlfriend. You get added advantages in different spheres as well, while going for a photo shoot, or walking around the streets with hand in hands. So, being around the shorter people makes you look taller than those. Be it your insecurity, prudence or toxic masculinity, whatever you call it, it makes sense to look taller. And when you date a girl, it highlights your strength and responsibility to the girl.
Cuddling is Easy  
Petite women are too easier to be picked easily and wrapped in one arm only. The reverse is the effect while cuddling the girls with taller heights. So, you got another free hand to chomp your favorite nuggets.

It Is Okay If You Are Not Tall
Petite girls never discriminate their significant other about their heights since they love them. At the same time, guys with shorter heights have nothing to worry about as they have more candidates to choose as compared to taller girls.

She Really Needs Your Support
It is not that you got to be that tall. But, it feels great when you really lend your hands to get those dishes from the cabinet held high on the wall, and getting the things from the shelves while shopping. So, when you really help her, it makes you feel necessary for your girlfriend. However, that does not mean you always take your girl for granted as they too have self respect and feminism as other girls in the lane.

Taking Your Girl To The Bed Is Lot Easier
Did your girlfriend fall asleep while watching Netflix together? No matter, it takes nothing to take your girl in your arms and guide her to the bed. There is no concern as well to smash her head on the wall or the door. And you have no difficulty to bring her out of the night club when she is out of control.

Go For A Perfect Hug
There is no chance of head butting in the lip or somewhere else as your head does not even reach her neck, when giving your lady a hug. It is comfortable as well to hold her by her waist.

No Issues With Kisses
For couples, they always find out ways to woo their significant other with new tricks or romantic gestures. Nothing could be as interesting as kissing her by bending over your knees if you are tall. You can raise your girl in your arms to place a peck on her cheeks, or her lips. Find more opportunities for kisses, when none of you are standing.

You Get The Lion’s Share In The Bed 
As with taller girls, the share of the bed divided into two quarters, leaving you to adjust to the scant space. However, you get to lie on the three-quarter of the bed when your petite girlfriend is beside you. It gives you the comfort of the night without having to experience any disturbances.

More Possibilities In Sex Position
You get to discover more sex positions during sex with your partner. Every sex position is enjoyable to you as you have it the way you want. You can engage in more erotic exchanges of sex positions. You get more creative to satisfy her, and woo her completely. Get it as you want, toss her up in the air, hold her upside down, and spin her around.

Hide Your Presents 
Be it her birthday, or Valentines’ day, you can keep your gifts under wraps, to create a great surprise for her. Keep it in the cabinet, where her hands do not reach. Rest assured she does not find it even if she tries to snoop it. So, be complacent to not get revealed by your girl.

Your Prude Strength Is Higher Than Her
When you know you are taller than her, it makes you feel stronger than her. Generally, most men are more powerful than petite women.
So, you make a discreet promise to give her a protective support, every time she is with you. It is easier as well to hide her in your strong arms.
It Makes Her Cute When She Is Angry
It is funny when she tries to swipe at your face during a fight with you. You can’t help it, but burst out in laughter when she cannot reach your face. It makes her look cute with her eyebrows crooked in the middle while expressing her displeasure.
She looks cute in whichever location you get to see her. Your house, your arms, and your car just look too adorable when she curls herself in the places. And when she wears your shirt, covering her knees, she looks super sexy, which you cannot take your eyes off but, adore her cuteness.
Her Feminism Is Commendable 
If you want to be bowled over by women’s feminism, you better run after petite girls as they are wired with more estrogen, which taller women miss. And perhaps, for this reason, they look more of a masculine.

Petite girls seem to be more nurturing and they have motherly traits as well. So, petite girls have more fragility than taller girls.  

Though they are vertically challenged, they make for a good couple, and give you more opportunities to enjoy your life as you want. And you know that they have a much influenced personalities, so it makes sense to be a boyfriend of a petite girl. So, if you do not have one yet, get one and become lucky.