How to Text a Girl you Like and Make Her Like You

Texting a girl you like might make you more nervous, but it is more comfortable then calling her, because it gives more space to grab her attention. It is advisable to start with casual text like wishing her in the morning or in the evening.  Try to be original and don’t sound weird by sending too many  emocations. Find texts which will make her smile and make her think about you

Here, I am sharing some tips for texting your girl to keep her engage in your talks at the same time keeping it sound original:

Start with a question: It’s good to start the conversation with a question.  This will make your girl know that you are waiting for her answer. The questions can be direct and specific. Some of the examples are as under:

Ask her how was her day? If you are aware of the happening event ask her how was it. Keep the questions simple and related to the things going around her instead of complicated questions? Keep the questions open ended and short so that you can communicate to a large extent. 

Make her laugh with your text: Charm her to make her feel that she is unique and she is out of the world. Keep the texting conversation normal and tell her something which will make her jaw drop. She should feel that she is chatting to a clever person. Crack some jokes over text.

Sound Grammarly correct: Now next point to keep in mind, while texting a girl for the first times that you are not sounding silly with your grammar mistakes. This will create an image that you care about constructing correct sentences for her.

Also keep in your mind to be with yourself and be aware that you are not going out of your way just to impress her. It is important to sound natural and to be relaxed instead of torturing her with long and feverish messages. Just note that your girl is also equally nervous as you are. 

Keep Her Attention and be engaged: You converse in such a way that your girl feels that you are capable of keeping her engaged over the phone. Find topics which will create interest in her and the conversation go on. You know the reason why you are texting her, so fascinate her so that she would feel more to talk to you.  Bring some topic like, you even cook which will catch her eye. Let her know that you have a life, your interests like hanging out with your friends or practicing with your favorite game or music. She will feel more interested in knowing more about you.

Use flirting text: Though flirting will stop her talking to you but will hint her that you actually are interested in her. Make a point that you don’t go over making her thinking to back off. Try to be playful and show her your silly side too. Flirt on little things and take care that you are not over doing on the topic.

Tease her:  Teasing the girl you know will add fun in the conversation but it is necessary that she picks up your tone and understands that you are joking. You can use emoticon as a sign of flirting. Let her know that you are just teasing to make her laugh instead of annoying her.

Show that you care about her:  Show your girl that you care about her but without sounding obvious.  Make her feel that she is important for you by sending right message at the right time which will show that you are thinking about her. Ask for her opinion and give value for the same. Keep in mind that you are not overdoing anything and you are giving equal importance to her while carrying the conversation.

Finish Strong: It is highly important to end the conversation at the appropriate time to keep the girl interested.  For e.g.  If you are chatting with the girl who ends the conversation always then you should avoid texting and wait a while for her to take the initiative. If the girl is giving one word response, it might be that she might be busy or not interested and if the girl takes hours or even days to text you, then it’s time for you to re-think. Don’t be upset, leave on a good note. End the conversation open, so it will be easy for you to chat to her in future.

Make Her Chase You: You can easily make a girl chase you by giving her a challenge. This can be done by disqualifying yourself by saying in a playful manner that how you both are not right for each other.  Use some remarks where you are disqualifying herself in front of her. This will always create interest in her for you.

Do not over text:  Too much texting may sometimes destroy the attraction.  The person who texts more shows that he is chasing you. So, if you wish your girl to chase you then stop over-texting and keep the ration 1:1.

Make Your Girl Feel Special: Include some quotes in appreciating the girl to make her feel good and special. Let her know that she is still ruling your thoughts and mind. Compare her with some positive things to make her feel good.

Establish strong connection:  It is necessary to understand and build a strong connectivity to have great time talking to each other. If you find that it is going in a positive way then go ahead and take her consent to take the relation further. Let everything go in a natural way don’t be too formal. Ask her if she can join you to a concert or a dinner and if she agrees then what you are waiting for. It has happened the way you wanted so enjoy the new relationship in which you are in.

Try these tips to woo the girl you are interested and make her like you the way you want.