How To Take A Perfect Vag Selfie

Did you ever try to peep down there to take a look how it looks? Probably yes, you did it quite a some time when no one is around. Much to your surprises, there are few who love to take their own vaginal selfies. Huh, you may wonder why there is such a need to do this kinky act with one’s self. Well, this is an excellent piece of creativity to explore the best side in you.
Taking selfies of your face or with your friends is quite a usual part of life. And everybody seems to be engaged in this craze, but when you think to do something out of the box, taking a pussy selfies is worth exploring your own sexual creativity.  However, don’t take a snap of your vagina to share it with anyone, but to keep it to yourself as a personal collection.

Techniques To Take A Perfect Snap Of Your Pussy Selfie
Peeping inside your sacred place to take a perfect selfie rather than shoving a mirror between your crotches is worth valuing your own feminism. Literally, it is the confluence of a woman’s anatomy that bears a great significance to procreate a life. So, when you can really make it, it feels quite sexier and raunchier. And in the end, you get to have a raw look of your vagina, which is really heavenly.
So, before you get to work, know that it is a skill and when you learn it, it makes you feel contented.

Decide Why You Want Your Pussy Selfie
It entirely depends on your preferences, if you really want a pussy selfie or not. So, if you feel excited and aroused and overwhelmed by your vagina, go for it.
On the contrary, if you are not comfortable, just get away from it. Don’t give in to someone, if anyone forces you. Better, let them find out someone else.  

Avoid Details To Add To Your Selfie
You need to be decisive while taking a pussy selfie for someone special. It may take a drastic turn if the selfie goes viral. So, leave any identifying details or birthmark on the private part to avoid any unusual occurrences later. Take a snap of your pussy without any marks. And even if it goes viral, you need not be apprehensive about being identified as everyone would generalize it.

Throw Away Your Panty
Don’t let your undergarment meddle your job. Just take it off when you are going to take a snap. Never take an in-between shot. Either take a selfie with your panty on or without it. Don’t irritate your guy with this type of scene, so don’t give him a view of your irritated underwear.

Bring Changes To The Location
Bathroom selfies are so cliché. The location is perfect if you want to snap for self pleasure and personal collection. However, if you want to do it for someone else, bring newness to the scenery. Don’t be too serious-minded, the location without that whacky toilet in the background is worth going for the perfect scene while taking the pussy selfie.

Angle is Everything
The angle of the snap creates the perfect view for the selfie of your pussy. To add a perfect angle to your selfie, set yourself in some awkward positions. However, the awkward position allows you to get the absolute image of the sacred place. And when you are to send this to someone else, the selfie must not display those postures of your legs up in the air or kept on the chair. It makes no sense to irk someone special with the behind-the-scene clicks.

Every Vagina Is Just Lovely
To be honest, pussies can never look so ugly. If you think the same about yourself, you better keep mum. It’s true that there are different patterns of vaginas, but they cannot be ugly. So, when there is no specific terms and standard for the vaginas, you cannot term your vagina ugly. Get out of this thinking and prepare yourself for the beautiful job.

Give Your Space A Clean Look
Don’t keep dirty laundry in your bedroom if you want to take your vag selfie there and make it appear mesmerizing. It does not matter if you take the snap for yourself only. But, if the pussy selfie is for someone special, the tidiness of the set really matters. So, make the place tidy as they want to have a glimpse of your heavenly part, and not the trash.

Get Busy With Sex Toys
Adding sex toys to the photo shoot of your pussy is quite interesting and exhilarating. As you do not know what you are going to do with your own luscious private part, leave it. None of us give a damn to such activity. So, keep your introversion at bay and get some excited sex toys or dildos to make the whole thing quite steamy and raunchy. Getting a full grip over those sex toys ups the excitement and fun of the entire selfie duration.

The Lighting Creates All The Magic 
You know why it is important to have perfect lighting solutions for the best selfie. Earlier, you have engaged yourself in so many selfie activities, maybe they did not entail your vagina, but the good lighting helps distribute it evenly across the set. Contrary to it, if there is no perfect light, the images may appear as wrong representation.  So, opt for the good flow of lighting, so it makes your vagina appear properly to you and makes you feel too steamy.

No Matter What The Type Of Your Vagina
Never get upset about the physical structure of your vagina. You know that every vagina is not the same. The anatomy of the vagina varies from women to women. Different women have different types of lips. So, it does not matter if your lip is smaller or bigger, it just looks better. So, forget not to use these features into your selfie. It looks mesmerizing when you add those lips to your vag selfies.
It takes you a lot of patience to learn the tricks. So, learn the tricks and know how to take a perfect pussy selfie.