How to Make a Guy Cum Fast

As a basic, you should know how to make your man cum fast and powerfully, otherwise learning all those sex tips from the Sex Sites would be of no use. We all should know the answer to this question, hence we are going to learn how to make him cum fast and powerfully every time in just 5 minutes by showing you:

How to make a guy cum fast & powerfully; killer tips.

The SINGLE-most-important thing you need to do to your man. How to make him cum harder than how any other girl would do.

Why a build-up is crucial to him cumming hard and having a super-satisfying orgasm.

Learning how to make a guy cum is actually really easy. Everything you need, you'll find throughout The Bad Girls Bible. I will teach you everything you need to know when it comes to pleasing your man and making him cum really strongly. You can master some killer blowjobs or you can talk dirty to impress him or even learn some new good sex positions, you can do all that here. This article is going to show you some of the best strategies that you must use if you are truly serious about giving your man a powerful orgasm and making him cum really hard.

It's all about enthusiasm
You need to satisfy his ego as the most important part of turning him on, it is not just making his penis erect. When you are enthusiastic about sex, it's a powerful subconscious signal to your man that you are attracted to him and turned on by being with him. Men are turned on in an incredibly powerful way by satisfying his ego.

When you are not very responsive and involved during sex, you are doing the opposite. If you are not turned on by him and not that attracted to him, then you are sending your man a subconscious signal that you are not that impressed by him as such. By affecting his ego, you are affecting his performance and will affect his hardness which you should totally avoid if you want to enjoy your intercourse well, for which you have to turn him on and make him cum hard.

I call this problem Starfish Syndrome. It's as if you are a starfish, just lying there with your legs, arms and head pretty much motionless. The performance of all guys is affected and it is one thing that is a major turn off for almost all guys.

The advantage in watching porn is that all the female porn-stars are very enthusiastic and active in every scene, even though I don't really recommend learning sex techniques and maneuvers from watching pornography, one thing that you will notice, why?

Men come to a lot harder and are turned on in a much better way.

Each person has a fantasy which is a specific sex technique or particular position which turns them on much more than having regular sex. This can make him have a much harder orgasm and cum much harder than when you are doing plain old missionary position with him.

It could be a bit more ‘out there than it being really normal like you dressing up and roleplaying. When discussing it with your man along with being excited to try something new with him, it's absolutely vital that you keep an open mind and are not judgemental.

The Buildup
Sometimes a quickie feels great. You need to slowly build up to it if you want your man to have an orgasm so hard, so as to shoot his load across the room. The preparatory works can start many hours before you even see him in order to slowly build up to orgasm. To build the sexual tension and titillate him with things to come, try sending him a few dirty texts before you see him. Turn up the sexual tension by saying something hot like If you are both out together in public or at a party as follows:

I can't wait till you are alone, I've got a sexy surprise for you!


If we weren't in a public place right now, I would fuck your brains out!

It's up to you how sexual you want to be.

When you say something like this it will turn your man on a lot because of your intentions. But as you can't actually do anything about it (as there are other people around), it builds sexual tension also. He will literally want to rip your clothes off when you do eventually get together with your man all alone.

You have to keep taking things really slowly when you are both alone together. Move on to very slowly giving him a soft and satisfying hand-job after starting by kissing him passionately. (but make sure that he doesn't cum!). At this point in time, you can start moving on to sucking his cock or having penetrating sex to the pleasure of both of you.

The Release
He will explode and cum really hard when your man does reach orgasm after this slow but steady build up, 

IMPORTANT NOTE: It so happens that your partner may want to have sex immediately during this whole build up by cutting up the chase. Don't let him. You have to keep slowly building up to sex and you have to keep a good amount of control. He will be thankful that he waited when your man does eventually cum. Learning how to cum is actually really easy. Just follow this advice and you will be well on your way to having powerful orgasms with your man, so if you are currently having trouble reaching orgasm and cumming, then you can follow this procedure.

You need to learn how to cum by yourself (if you already can cum easily by yourself, then skip this section) before learning how to cum during sex with your man. If you have never made yourself cum before then you are in for a very enjoyable treat!

Relaxing and getting comfortable with yourself is the most important part of learning to make yourself cum. It's not about a perfect technique or rubbing yourself in a specific way. You just need to relax and get comfortable with yourself.

"But how can I relax if I'm desperately trying to make myself cum?"

It's an interesting and sometimes difficult question. You need to stop aiming for a ‘final outcome' to relax, even if you are desperate to make yourself cum. Instead, you need to just enjoy the process. It sounds counter-intuitive, but the fact is, it works. Having to make yourself ‘cum' and just enjoy the process or journey by not concentrating on a final outcome, you can free yourself from a big tension.

But just enjoying the process is not enough, having a roadmap to reach orgasm and cum is just as important.

How to make yourself cum
I always recommend students to take this process very slowly. When you are alone and are not going to be disturbed by anyone, then it is relaxing and you'll find that it's easiest to relax. This is why I advise masturbating in a place like your bedroom and locking the door.

Remember that you need to take things slowly. There is no rush or endpoint. As long as it feels pleasurable and comfortable, you are just going to masturbate continuously. If it so happens that you do cum and reach an orgasm in the process, then great. If not, then no problem.

To masturbate properly, I always advise using your fingers on your vagina. Most girls find their clitoris to be the most pleasurable spot to have stimulated and rubbed. Feel free to experiment to find what you enjoy the best; however, I advise you to rub it with a light circular motion which gives the best experience generally.

This will help to make it more fun for you. Eventually, you reach orgasm or you get tired and want to stop as you continue to masturbate, even though you will notice that it becomes more and more enjoyable. Either is good. 

There is, unfortunately, no secret magic formula to make you cum every time. It's just not that simple.

How to cum during sex
It is time to learn how to cum during sex with your man once you are easily able to make yourself cum when you masturbate. It is important that you are attracted to and feel comfortable with your partner to have the best chances to develop pleasurable orgasms. Then it becomes a thousand times easier to have such orgasms.

If you are with a guy whom you are not attracted to and who you don't feel comfortable being with, it's going to be much harder to cum. To bring you to orgasm and to make you cum, you may find that penetration alone is not fully sufficiently enough.