How to Keep a Guy Interested

We belong to the world of feminist where when you met a great guy and you don’t want him to slide away and want it to work out and keep him interested, is pretty hard to swallow. If he is good fit for you then don’t worry, we have some tips for working your way into a relationship. Lets discuss some of them which will get you somewhere with the guy you are interested

  • Express yourself: Men always like women of substance so share with him your multiple areas of interest. Be open to put your weird and wonderful personality and see what comes back to you.

  • Be confident: Try to take good care of yourself to look as good as you feel as guys love their partner who is confident and bold. Focus on the things which will make you special and enhance those qualities to look more confident.

  • Stay independent:  Guys love girls who are independent. You can participate in both of your hobbies and spend time with your friends which will give more space to each other and you will have more to talk for you both and will create respect in the long run. 

  • Get inside his head: We human beings have the tendency to remember incomplete tasks better than completed ones. So, when you end a conversation prematurely, this will create an open loop allowing your man come back for more. 

  • Fake it ‘till you make it: Women’s most attractive nature for a man is her confidence. A woman who loves herself and values her own self carries herself in a way which is irresistible and never afraid of being alone. This will be catnip to your man. Men are always attracted to a powerful woman. So fake it to be that kind.

  • Don't stop acting like a child: When you are dating a new guy and want him to keep him interested, lighten up. Don’t forget to have fun when you  are getting to know each other. Forget the dirty business   for a while and try to look beautiful and feminine while going on a date. You will feel energized when you become kid and play like that. 

  • Tell him when you appreciate the things he does: Let your guy know the things you love about him like his calm nature in the stressful situation. Appreciate when he cleans the kitchen after the dinner. This will make him feel good and proud of himself. 

  • Act like a partner: Men wants that the woman with whom he is dating can be a good partner. So whenever you get the opportunity don’t step behind. Try paying bills at dinner or surprise your guy with movie tickets. These small gestures speak loud and this shows your guy that you are ready to enter into a relationship and want to share everything like a partner does.

  • Make him feel like a man: Make your man feel strong by giving compliments about his appearance or let him be your chivalrous by holding the door open.  He will like to spend more time around you when you boost his ego. 

  • Be yourself: Don’t try to be someone you are not just to grab the guy. He will not like it when he finds that you are dishonest to him. Be yourself and never try to change yourself to be the person who you think he wants.  If your man tells you to change the way you dress up, or quit the job or restrict you to hang out with your friends, shows that he may not like you for the person you are.

  • Keep flirting with him: Cute flirty things always works and keep you guy interested. You should not stop because you have started dating. Sometimes, playfully touch him or brush up him while crossing him this will let him know that you are thinking more of him.

  • Surprise him with things he likes: Surprising your guy with gift shows him that you are noting his likes and dislikes. When you are dating ask him the questions about what he actually likes and his favorites.

  • Keep him sexually interested:  Sex is different for every couple.  You should wait to happen naturally when you both are comfortable with each other. But when you both like each other and he will like and be interested when you show the signs of wanting a relationship. He will like your dominating nature in the bedroom. Take the initiative at least some of the time when he is not expecting. 

  • Try seducing him: When you are in a relationship, try to set the mood to enhance the moment. The guy will find himself more interested in the girl who seduces him. This shows the guy how much you like him and you have crossed all the limitations for your man. Send him sexy texts or schedule a romantic date to spend time with each other.

  • Don’t act jealous of his female friends:  You should take it in a positive way if he has female friends instead of acting jealous. Try your best to make them your friends to let your guy be comfortable with you and he will always appreciate your effort.

  • Don’t be clingy: Avoid being clingy in your behavior because no one will like if their partner feels insecure.  Don’t force your man if he feels uncomfortable displaying affection in public. It will annoy him if you are always around him wanting him to pay attention on you.

  • Tell him when something feels good:  Let your man know that you like what he does in the bedroom and make him feel like a stud. Allow him to know that you like his attitude and compliment his manliness outside the bedroom too. Never try to tease about his performance in the bedroom. He will not like it because men are always sensitive about their sexual powers.

Never try to overdo on any of the above things to keep your guy interested. Try to be always original and natural. After all, we want a guy whom you always desired and not that we want to trap him.