How To Finger Yourself

People sometimes feel sexually excited and aroused while watching an intimate scene or on certain romantic music. This is a situation when you wish to satisfy your urge and you find that your partner is not around. In such circumstances, you may want to finger yourself to calm down on your feelings. It is always fun having solo sex. 

Earlier, this kind of act was treated as weird but thanks to science which has proved that masturbation is good for health and helps in increasing your immunity and has other benefits like relieving your tension, stress level and so on. So do not feel that you are doing wrong to your body or will cause damage to hymen and vagina.

In this article we are going to let you go through certain things to make it more effective and give your better stimulation and orgasm.

Here are tips on how to finger you as under:

  • Fingering Your G-Spot: Fingering by locating your G-spot does the trick. If you are wet and if you hook cleverly the finger into your vagina up to 1 to 2 inches will give you pleasures you are heading for. You can play around with the speed to build the friction giving you amazing experience. The sensation which you get by this, lasts on your mind for long period.
  • Anal Fingering: Before proceeding to masturbate, give a quick run to your washroom to wash your hands to keep it more hygienic. Put one finger into your anus and start the movement to give a great feel and makes you hornier. Don’t be in hurry to quick on the action; give it a slow start to make you enjoy more on the act. This way of exploring your body will give new experiences for your own self.
  • Pressure Pressing Technique: Finger pressure pressing technique on the shape works well when you find difficulty in putting your fingers into vagina or finding your G spot orgasms. This technique also gives you equal pleasure and satisfaction.
  • Fingering From Behind: Trying different postures for your own self gives you more to experience. Sometimes, you should try to masturbate from behind the way anal sex is been tried. You are the queen of your own body so try to pleasure yourself the way you desire.
  • Make use of toys: One of the ways, you make you feel and experience more pleasure is trying having orgasm using toys while masturbating.  You can make use of vibrators to stimulate yourself and add more fun in the act.
  • Play around clitoris: Do you know that the most important part of a woman is not the vagina but the clitoris which is outside in sexual stimulation? So when you play with the clitoris you feel sexually stimulated then you can penetrate your finger into the vagina to make you feel good achieve lubrication. 
  • Lay in your bed even after masturbation for a while:  As soon as you finish your act don’t be in hurry to start your other activity. Stay in your bed to be in the state of pleasure for a while as that experience is also unique.

Does fingering hurt? 
No, it doesn’t. Fingering yourself gives you the pleasures you desire. Yes, sometimes, you may experience pain. The reason behind this is that your vagina muscles are little tight and making it impossible to insert anything either finger, or toy. In such a situation, start with little play to make your muscles relax and allow you to penetrate smoothly once it is wet. Otherwise, you can use lubrications to work on the anxiety.

Notes on fingering:

  • It is wrong to associate presence of hymen with virginity: Let me tell you that indulging yourself in sexual intercourse makes you lose your virginity and no way is hymen related to it. Hymen contracts to its originality even when a finger is inserted. Even activities like playing sports or bicycling causes your hymen to break.
  • Stop indulging in fingering if you are not comfortable. People try to arouse by rubbing the spot instead try massaging Clitoris which will give you more pleasure.
  • One more important point to always keep in mind is the hygiene. Before fingering either by you or by your partner, wash your hands with unscented soap. This is just to ensure that no bacteria or microbes enter your vagina which will lead to irritation or any type of infection.


  • Sexuality enhancer: Fingering gives you the chance to explore your own body and let you know what turns you on. This helps to improve your sexuality also leading to be in charge of your own body even at the time of you being with your partner.  Masturbation gives you good feel and you can tell your partner to make you turn on.
  • Stress reliever: Masturbating is a great way to relieve stress. This allows you to calm down and also lifts your mood. So when you are having a rough day, try to relax in a more sensual manner to boost and enhance your mood.
  • Fight off germs: Earlier fingering or masturbating was always seen as a weird act but now scientists have proved that masturbation produces right environment to strengthen the immune system because while masturbating we ejaculate which increases cortisol responsible to maintain immunity. 
  • Helps in good sleep: Fingering gives you orgasms which allows your body to relieve from tension and makes you exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally. All this leads to peaceful and good sleep making you more relaxed.

You can learn more when you start fingering yourself. You can experience and explore more new techniques to give you that stimulation and excitement while experiencing that kind of orgasm. It is all to deal with your happiness and satisfaction when you are sexually excited. So the right move at the right time will give you the experience of heaven. So, prepare yourself tonight to explore your own body in a different way.