How to finger a girl

Want to turn a dull session of sex into an omg-yes for your girl? You might want to work on your fingering skills. 
The way it is portrayed in porn and movies, it seems like a trivial task that can be performed easily, resulting in the girl grabbing the corners of the bedsheet. In reality, though, to get her to that bedsheet grabbing stage can be a bit of a challenge. Being unnecessarily rough is the last thing a girl needs, as far as fingering goes. You need to go gentle. In this articles are tips for newbies to master the art of fingering a girl to make her reach climax.

How to finger a girl
The goal is to give her maximum pleasure, the kind that she will think of later and quiver with delight. Every girl is different, and so are their simulation preferences. For the rest, you would want to communicate with her and find out how she likes it. Here is some quite helpful stuff:

1) Be prepared
Keeping your fingers clean and properly trimmed is pretty important if you don’t want your lady’s special parts to get infected. The vaginal region is delicate and meant to be handled with care

2) Lubricant
Lube is pretty important too as many girls do not get lubricated naturally in a generous amount even at their highest levels of arousal. A bottle of lube will always come in handy to make things easy for her, especially for beginners. 
Also, some girls take a longer time than others to orgasm, and in this process lube is useful as their natural wetness can get dried up by that time. 

3) Know her
And by knowing her, we mean knowing where and how it is that she likes to be touched. If she is into masturbation, she probably knows the best and fastest route to an enjoyable orgasm. This is actually the best way in which you can find out how to give her pleasure. Afterall, she owns it.
It also works as a great idea for foreplay, where you can whisper in her ears about how naughty she is and ask her to tell you how she touches herself when she thinks of you, before going down on her and making her fantasies come true.

4)Get comfy
Reaching an orgasm takes time. So instead of fidgeting around find yourself a comfortable position in which you can give her your best stuff without having to break the momentum. Getting interrupted by adjusting your position in between is only going to land you back to square one. 

5) Turn her on
Make sure she is in the mood for it. If not, take her there. Get her wet and lubricated and watch her respond like crazy. The added bonus is the sight of your girl, all horny and filled with desire waiting for your fingers to enter her. Give her the loving she needs. Watching her get turned on will help spur you on as well.

6) Communicate openly
Don’t be afraid to take feedback from her, ask her if she is liking what you are doing. Ask her what else she would like you to do to her. There’s no need to feel shy, she will tell you how she likes it, you just need to ask. She will in fact lead you into making her reach an orgasm. Her words, your hands. You can turn her on further by telling her how you like her responding to what you are doing to her. At such times, dirty talk is pretty effective as well. 

7) Observe how she reacts
Not only is it a treat to the eyes to watch a girl react to being fingered, her reactions can also help you understand what type of simulation works best for her. You can pretty easily distinguish between a positive and a negative response to every touch. Just go with the ones she likes and it will guide you to her pathway of reaching a pleasurable orgasm

8) Knowing her anatomy
Even if you didn’t pay attention in anatomy classes, don’t worry, cause we have the right lesson for you. You need to know which parts to touch in order to give her pleasure and also how to touch them, individually.

  • The clitoris
    Right below the beginning of her vulva’s slit, you will find a tiny knob of flesh, which is the clitoris. Thousands of nerve receptors are present over here, hence making it a sensitive spot to touch. Touching the clitoris can be done in many ways, depending on how your girl likes it.
  • The vaginal canal
    This is the part actually designed for insertion of the penis and also for childbirth, but that is a story for another day. Although human fingers offer less volume than a penis, the added advantage of being able to move around makes great possibilities for simulation.
  • The G-Spot
    This spongy part of the vagina is present in the upper side, if she is lying down. With proper simulation, this can give her a mind blowing orgasm that she will never forget. 
9) Experimenting
Find the right way to simulate her by trying different finger movements and techniques and notice her response to each. 
  • Using grazing touches
    Using light touches for the external parts such as the clitoris and the labia is guaranteed to turn her on and also make her ready for fingering with a bit more pressure later on.
  • Using index and middle finger
    In order to reach the farthest and also for G-spot simulation, using the middle finger is a good idea as it is the longest. In order to cover more surface, you can use both index as well as middle fingers.
  • Slow and steady wins the race
    You want to start off slowly and build up the rhythm as she begins to respond. Her reactions will be your cue to up the tempo.
  • Don’t just dive in
    In the beginning, hold off on touching the sweet spots like the clitoris and the vagina. Deliberately miss out on them as you touch her genitals externally, teasing her all the way.
  • Multitask
    To get her there sooner, use other ways such as kissing her on the neck, nibbling on her earlobes, sucking on her tits- whatever she enjoys. This will surely drive her nuts.
10) Sustaining the fingering
A common mistake men do while fingering a girl is stopping right before she can reach her climax. You will know from simply looking at her reactions when she is about to cum and you need to give her the strokes or the pressure she needs to take her all the way. Do not stop. Make her reach that orgasm she has always wanted!