How Men Fall in Love

Love is mysterious. And why is there so much of mysteries and curiosity after one phenomenon is still unknown. The human existence is dependent on this magical word. The feeling which is invisible, needs all of your five senses to feel it is indeed a crazy gesture for men. But, what prompts men to fall in love?  This deep layered question cannot get us an exact answer to it. That is because the character of every guy is different from one another, their preferences are different and their mental wants are different as well. Whatever it may be, there are a series of reasons for guys to fall in love.

Science Behind The Brain’s Insanity
The basic formula of love, which drives one crazy, is mostly for the reasons of chemical reactions in the brain. This is what a basic concept for men to fall in love. There is a series of chemicals such as dopamine, testosterone and others flooding the brains. And men, being drenched in these chemicals develop a different feeling for his lady love. If it seems to be not your cup of tea, better have it the way the black magic refers to it. Many believe when the Cupid’s Arrow strikes you, you fall in love. It does happen to men, but why does it happen still unclear.

Ambiguity Of Intimacy
Another concept for which love comes to men is the feeling of intimacy. It is more like if love is a doctor, the intimacy is a medicine. The right combination of the two makes for a perfect reason to cure your disease. Hence, love blossoms in your heart. And if the guy has a feeling of a deep connection, trust and open up to talk to you, it leads him to the path of love.

So, men have their ways to fall in love with their lady love, but how they fall in love? Are there any specific phase to fall in love, and what is the experience at every stage? Let’s explore.

Stages To Fall In Love For Men
The acceptance and the mental state of love are different for men from that of a woman. The emotional effects on men are always different from women. When they fall in love, their emotional outburst is less likely to manifold as opposed to women. There is no surge of an immediate affection for men when they first meet a girl. It is just like an emotional phase for them. There are several phases for men, through which they discover love bit by bit.

Physical Attraction
Unlike women, men do not tend to fall for someone just at a first sight. Contrary to it, women are more likely to fall in love as soon as they see men, and feel attracted to them. However, it is a physical appearance, which incites an instant attraction for a girl.  Since they are shallow creatures, their preferences vary from man to man. And physical appearance is predominating for men as they give it the first priority.

Don’t assume it as a whole package, though, and the physical appearance may entail to different aspects for each of the men. Maybe, the eyes of a woman seem very attractive to some men, while those assets draw the most of the attention from men. And more often they are without any realization about their preference of a woman. But, it is such a feeling, which makes them fall for a woman. And this feeling comes about at the earlier stage of the attraction.

The Hide And Seek Phase 
There are no reasons at all, and men seem to be crazy after a lot of women all at a time. To discover who their lady love is, they start their search for a perfect response to their advances. 

No matter if a girl refuses such advances, they do not feel upset about this. Instead, they love to move on to the next search. However, there are exceptions though. But, most guys think this way.

The Chase
The man starts his chase with the slightest hint of positive response to his advances. Maybe, the hint is so obscure, but still the man loves to chase the girl with an expectation. The key objective of the chase is to draw your attention, and convince you that he is into you. And once you give your nod, he moves on to the next phase.

Well, the impression stage is still not the stage to be madly in love with you. But, he wants to do something to impress you with gifts, and surprises. He tries to make the girl to like him. And hence, he keeps on showing his mating potential to the girl.

Even though he has success so far to convince in all the early stages, he is not sure if you love her or not. So, gaining your commitment and trust in love is his foremost achievement. Instead of falling in love, he makes all the tricks to make you believe that he is the right choice for you. Maybe, by now you are in love with him. But he must have the conscience to realize it.

Now, the decision phase comes in your life, urging you to take the final decision about your life partner.

Coming to his stage, two of you may have some confusion about each other’s choice and preference. In most cases, women tend to take a faster decision as opposed to men.

And for men, he thinks if she is the real person he has been looking for. Will he be happy with her? Sometimes, men are engineered to call the relation off in this stage too. This is how he takes a decision in his life.

The Final Phase “I Love You”
In this stage, the man makes his final decision about his love life. If he could not make out what he wants out of the relationship, he may start ignoring you, after the relationship has been going for a few months. On the other hand, he walks out of the relationship, if it was just a fling for him. However, if he thinks he wants to try the new development in a new way, he would love to be ready for this. For the next three to four months, he would give his best to keep the relationship alive. And in this stage, all the good feelings will come across you. He would be super concerned for you, feel jealous while you talk to others, and do all the fun things for you.
This stage is essential for every guy as it helps them to decide about their love. And during this stage, he decides to go on.