Clingy Girlfriend Signs and How to Avoid It

Girls, once they become girlfriends become clingy due to several reasons. First of all Clingy girlfriends aren't born that way, they're actually made that way. There are 13 signs related to clingy girlfriends. It needs to be avoided for girls becoming clingy girlfriends.
There is quite some difference between a clingy girlfriend and a loving one. But at times, circumstances can create a clingy girlfriend without really realizing it. Being a clingy girlfriend is not something too bad if you are aware where to draw the demarcating line. 

Who is a clingy girlfriend?
Do not consider a clingy girlfriend to be a bad girlfriend. This should be cleared outright. But it is true that Clingy lovers are not appreciated or loved in a relationship due to her character. There will be lack of love which leads to established insecurity, which can eventually turn into a plea for attention and love to the guy. The clingy girlfriend is defined this way. A clingy girlfriend is always deprived of sufficient love from boyfriend and hence wants more love from her boyfriend. 

13 clingy girlfriend habits and how to avoid it

#1 Space in a relationship
This is the most hated aspect of a clingy girlfriend trait that most guys despise. Her boyfriend will never be given sufficient freedom to do his own activities. Guys whether or not in love would love to have their own space and for that they free time for themselves, even if they have no clear activities to be done. 
#2 You want to talk for hours and he doesn't
You enjoy talking for hours over phone might be from bed or otherwise running up to late night also. In the beginning of the relationship when everything is fresh he also would agree to follow suit, but as the relationship's new shine starts to wear off and the love settles into a mature and happy zone, he would like to cut the calls to a reasonable timing. 

#3 You don't have a life of your own, but he has and you hate this fact
You try to make outings with your own friends rather than waiting for him to make plans and take you out always. Reserve your self-respect and don't be available always at his beck and call, so that you maintain your personality. 

#4 You genuinely think everyone else but you are a bad influence on him
Even though he has been having a few bad friends, he was getting along just fine with his own life until you came into the picture. The moment you fell in love with him, everything started turning upside down in his life especially the friendship circle.

#5 Don't always be the damsel
Guys prefer to play the superior role that is the protector in the relationship. Any time you ask for help he would love to show off this macho protector position. Even though this is correct, you can see that he becomes upset when you ask too much or something continuously. Ask the way that it would please his nature, then you will be in his good books and he'll love you more. 

#6 You're insecure when he meets an attractive girl
There could be several cases where he could be getting another girl, might be his colleague or acquaintance from different fields. He could spend some time also with such girls, but does that make you insecure when he spends some time with a beautiful girl. Are you worried that this girl is comparatively more attractive and hence finally he will leave you for her. Due to your limited relationship circle you have been fully dependant on this one guy without any relations with any other sexy guys due to which your self-esteem is really low. 

#7 You don't like it when he spends time with his friends
Your man started preferring to spend time with his own friends instead of you? There could be some reason for this switch of friendship.

He may be spending enough and more time with you already or he may think you're easily available for him whenever he wants you. This is the area where self-respect plays the important role.

#8 You think your relationship needs to be improved
Guess what? Relationships generally have faults here and there. Do not sacrifice too much especially on your self-esteem and walk out if you are unhappy in your relationship. It will never happen to change somebody totally to your needs. It is your false belief that advising and finding fault always about him in the relationship all the time will help and make him a better person. 

#9 You're very suspicious
You are very suspicious about being with his friends or working late. He has the freedom and circumstances to have an affair at his choice. Your boyfriend has loved you for who you are and what you are. If you have a perfect relationship, meeting one new sexy girl won't make him think less of you. 

#10 You want to stay in touch all the time
Let's face it. All of us are different. It might be your desire to keep you updated on his life every hour or so, but it need not be acceptable for him. It will not work out to push your whims and fancies on another person.

#11 You want his attention all the time
It is unfair if you expect that he keeps informing you his hourly updates, even if he's officially busy talking to someone else, or working on something or could be just relaxing by himself. You could be his girlfriend but everything has it's limits and he can have his own interests.

#12 You can't accept the fact that his life doesn't revolve around you.
To you love is a whole world that goes round about you. But somehow it can be frustrating that the centre of the universe is not you in your man's eyes. 

#13 You think he doesn't love you half as much as you love him
You're already being clingy unless you're in a relationship where both of you want to spend every minute together, you need to take a step back and let him live his own life. What makes you think he doesn't love you enough? 

How to avoid being a clingy girlfriend
# Know you're hot stuff. Believe in yourself and respect yourself.

# Don't have low self-esteem. You definitely deserve him.

# Be independent and make him want your attention. Play the damsel in distress only when necessary. 

# Be mysterious. Don't be predictable and easy to read. An open book is boring. A sealed book with a sneak peek is always exciting.

# Always make him want more. Never give him too much, to his requirements too early.

# Awe him. Let him see you're hot stuff and he'll want you more.

# Read his behaviour, Be aware of all his details and try to understand him properly before he calls you a clingy girlfriend.

# Respect yourself. No one has the right to treat you badly.

If you've ever been called a clingy girlfriend by your boyfriend, give these signs a serious thought. It'll help you have a better relationship, make your boyfriend desire you more, and give you a life you'll love!